How We Became

World’s First
patented confined space
robotic arm
blasting and painting

In the spring of 2011 my team and I were blasting a water tower in central Ohio when two of my employees quit.

“Boss, this is a terrible Job! Why do you keep taking these jobs?”

I thanked them for their years and carried on with the job, but they were right, it was a terrible job:

  • Lugging materials and tools to the top of a 150 ft water tower
  • Balancing on a shaky merry-go-round system in the tank
  • Enduring deafening 130 decibel sounds
  • Operating in a cloud of toxic dust

My theory in life is: “Don’t get mad, get BETTER!” and I knew I could get better. That’s where The Blaster started.

Early On

I have been blasting since 2006 and it has never been easy. Sand-blasting a 500,000 gallon water tower is more than just a difficult job, it’s a dangerous job as well. The most important goal when I developed The Blaster was to make the job significantly safer.

Too many people have been hurt while doing this job whether it be from a fall, from irreversible hearing damage, or from developing life-threatening lung diseases. This job takes its toll. But I knew I could make it better.


After 7 years of development and countless hours of hard work and testing, I believe I’ve achieved that goal.

The Blaster is the world’s first patented confined space robotic arm for blasting and painting. Nobody has anything like it!

Generation 5

Using The Blaster is the safest way to complete any blasting job but that’s not the only benefit. I’ve also made great strides in the development to make the job easier to do and much faster to complete.

The 5th Generation of The Blaster is everything that I wanted it to be. It’s lighter than it’s ever been, simple to set up, and easier than ever to operate. It’s the total package when it comes to abrasive blasting.

Don’t wait for the future to pass you by

If you’re in the abrasive blasting business and you’re looking to make your job safer while saving time and money then don’t hesitate. Contact us today for more information
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