Abrasive blasting is dangerous. People risk their respiratory health, hearing, and lives in the hostile tank environment. We decided to get the person out of the tank as much as possible and let The Blaster do the work for you!



With The Blaster you can cut the time spent on any water tower refurbishment or other tank blasting job by a considerable amount! You’ll save time and money, giving you a competitive advantage.



Its durability and ruggedness mean you won’t have to worry about maintenance on The Blaster. The 7 onboard high definition cameras mean you’ll be able to oversee the job from start to finish without any risk of injury. The oscillating nozzle tips and side-to-side motion of The Blaster mean you’ll be blasting 400 sq. ft per hour or more!



The return on investment for The Blaster will be almost quick and noticeable. Saving money on labor cost and travel expenses while cutting time spent on jobs by a considerable amount will give your business the boost that you’ve been looking for.

About Our Company


How We Became

While blasting a water tower in central Ohio in the spring of 2011, I had two employees quit, saying “Boss, this is a terrible Job. I don’t know why you get these jobs.” I thanked them for their years with me, then went in to complete the job. After two minutes on the merry-go-round system my thoughts were the same.

My theory in life is “Don’t get mad, get better”. That’s where The Blaster started. After 7 years, countless hours and dollars we’re ready to help other contractors with their tough jobs.

Are You Ready to Join the Future of Abrasive Blasting?

Keeping you safe is the most important feature of The Blaster. Don’t worry about being hurt on the job, developing irreversible hearing damage, or damaging your lungs any longer. Step into the future with the most cutting edge technology in abrasive blasting: The Blaster. Keep yourself safe while saving time and money!