Double Productivity


Abrasive blasting a water tower has always taken a very long time. In order to get the job done right it can take weeks to abrasive blast the entire interior of a water tower and repaint it afterwards.


Set Up
Save Time
Competitive Advantage

Set Up

  • No more carrying ladders up other ladders!
  • No more hoisting up heavy tools and platforms 150 ft in the air!
  • No more exhausting yourself before the job even begins!

The Blaster was developed with safety being the key factor. The idea is to take the heavy lifting and hard work out of your hands. You’ll be free to oversee the job, focussing on quality while staying safe and out of the hostile tank environment.

  • When disassembled, The Blaster is made of around 12 pieces, all of which can fit through the 22.5in. manway.
  • The San-Crane will first lift itself 150 ft to the top of the tower. It will then lift each piece of The Blaster and lower them safely into the tank. No heavy lifting. No unnecessary fatigue.
  • The Blaster is effortlessly assembled in the tank, being held together with just 6 bolts and pins.
  • Once inside, The Blaster never touches the ground


  • We took the person out of the tank! The Blaster is operated safely from the command center on the ground.
  • Watching on a 32″ monitor, you can see everything The Blaster sees via 7 high definition cameras mounted on the machine.
  • With the use of two joysticks, operation is as easy as playing a video game!

Save Time

  • The water tank refurbishment when done without The Blaster will take weeks.
  • The same job with The Blaster will take significantly less time. You’ll be doing jobs significantly faster!
  • On average a man can blast 800 sq/ft per day.
  • The Blaster can average 400 sq/ft per HOUR. Or More!
  • You won’t have to struggle to lug around nozzles, The Blaster can carry 4!
  • With the unique nozzle oscillation you’ll be able to cover more area than ever before, 20″ to 30″ plus pattern.
  • We recommend using steel grit or granite material, you can even easily switch out to paint!

Get More Done With Our San-Crane

  • With our patent pending San-Crane, set up of The Blaster is made easy.
  • The San-Crane pulls itself to the top of any water tower or elevated tank.
  • It then hoists the 12 pieces that make up The Blaster.
  • The San-Crane lowers the pieces through the 22 ½ in manway into the tank to be assembled.
  • Incredibly mobile and easy to transport to all of your jobs.
  • Let the San-Crane do the heavy lifting for you!

Works In a Wide Variety of Tanks

  • All different styles of elevated towers
  • Sphere shaped tanks
  • Legged water towers
  • Hydro pillars
  • Many types of ground storage tanks

Competitive Advantage

  • With set up and operation being so easy, you’ll spend less money on labor costs.
  • You’re going to spend less money on travel cost.
  • Because The Blaster is much safer, you’re going to have lower liability.
  • With the speed at which you’ll be completing jobs, you’re going to have expanded business opportunities.
  • This is the only confined space robotic arm for blasting and painting out there. You will have much less competition.

Don’t wait for the future to pass you by

If you’re in the abrasive blasting business and you’re looking to make your job safer while saving time and money then don’t hesitate. Contact us today for more information
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