Revolutionary Abrasive Blasting


The Blaster along with our patent-pending mobile San-Crane will revolutionize abrasive blasting. Safety was always the most important target in the development of The Blaster, but we were also aiming at higher quality results as well.

We have achieved those results!


Entirely Unique
Higher Safety
Best Results

The Blaster is Entirely Unique

  • This is the first patented confined space robotic arm for blasting and painting. Nothing even comes close. This truly is the future of blasting!
  • After nearly a decade of development, The Blaster holds 52 claims across 3 patents.

Higher Safety and More Oversight

  • Every job is displayed on the monitor at the command center.
  • The jobs are recorded by 7 high definition cameras and can be observed and reviewed any time.
  • You will have easy access and more oversight to make sure you get the highest quality results.

Get The Best Results on Every Water Tank Refurbishment

  • The Blaster holds up to 4 nozzles at a time including the heavy #8s.
  • These nozzles can be switched between steady and oscillating sprays, saving you time.
  • When the tip is oscillating you will be able to blast a 24 in circular pattern.
  • The Blaster moves 30 ft back and forth every 4 minutes while abrasive blasting the surface.
  • With the oscillating tip and the back and forth movement you will be able to blast 450 sq. ft up to 900 sq. ft per hour!

Don’t wait for the future to pass you by

If you are in the abrasive blasting business and you’re looking to make your job safer while saving time and money then don’t hesitate. Contact us today for more information.
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