Return On Investment


We know that abrasive blasting, water tank refurbishment, and other tank refurbishment jobs are dangerous and time-consuming, but that’s a thing of the past. When you make the change to The Blaster your return on investment will be quick. You’ll be saving money on labor cost and travel expenses while cutting time spent on jobs significantly. This will give your business the boost that you’ve been looking for.


Time Savings
Cost Savings


  • The Blaster is tough.
  • With its clever engineering and durable craftsmanship, maintenance costs will be very low.

Time Savings

  • The Blaster is fast.
  • With the ability to carry 4 nozzles at a time that can switch between steady and oscillating sprays, you will be able to save hours.
  • Blasting an area of 450 sq. ft – 900 sq. ft per hour, you will be completing jobs in 3 – 4 weeks! That’s significantly faster than conventional abrasive blasting methods.

Cost Savings

    • The Blaster is cost effective.

With the incredibly easy set up and operation, you will be saving money in labor costs immediately.

  • Having only 12 pieces and 2 bolts, The Blaster is a breeze to move around, replacing other tools and saving you money in travel expenses.
  • You will be completing jobs faster and with a higher quality than ever before. This will help greatly expand your business opportunities and allow you to do more jobs every year.
  • You will be saving 20 – 30% on every job. That’s thousands of dollars back in your pocket.
  • The bottom line is The Blaster will pay for itself in 1 – 2 years.


Don’t wait for the future to pass you by

If you’re in the abrasive blasting business and you’re looking to make your job safer while saving time and money then don’t hesitate. Contact us today for more information.
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